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Book Features the Struggles and Confusions within a Love Triangle

Author Ken Saik unveils the true test of faithfulness in a romantic relationship

ALBERTA, Canada – “Love conquers all,” as the saying goes, but when one woman is left alone and lonely on a Mediterranean cruise, her focus gets distracted from the love she left back home. In Temptation, readers will come across an emotional and spiritual journey as they join its main character Ashley Norris, a woman struggling to resist one gorgeous stranger’s advances. Created by author Ken Saik, this one-of-a-kind novel features the challenges that many couples go through especially when time and distance stands in between them.

Ashley Norris wishes to enjoy her vacation on a romantic setting, the Mediterranean cruise. This dream-come-true experience would have been perfect if only her boyfriend Adam Aski was by her side. Forced to enjoy her trip alone, Ashley’s path crosses Randy Watson’s. A charming, energetic young man, Randy is determined to woe her into his arms. With her boyfriend in mind, Ashley does whatever it takes to avoid Randy. Nonetheless, he is not making it easy for her. He fights hard to build a long-term relationship with Ashley.

In the end, Ashley must make a decision as she weighs out her relationship with the two men. “Will she stay within the comfort of her two-year relationship with Adam, or will she jump into the unknown and risk it all for Randy?” Readers will be thrilled to find out.

A tale that illustrates the inevitable trials within relationships, Temptation brings to life the common problems of lovers when it comes to physical separation. Compelling, it creatively addresses the inner battles that one must go through in order to listen to the true calling of one’s heart.

 Change of...Luck
Ken Saik
Xlibris, 51 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 978-1-4568-4726-5
(Reviewed: June, 2012)
Ken Saik’s novel, Change of…Luck, introduces readers to Jerry, a nice guy looking to impress his girlfriend on a dinner date. When the check comes, he's caught short; his wallet is missing. Panicked and at loose ends, a stranger comes to his rescue with a $100 bill on the simple condition that Jerry return it.


It seems too good to be true, but he's in a bind and takes the money. When the same crumpled bill keeps finding its way back into Jerry's wallet no matter where he spends it, he's accused of theft and trickery, and at one point is beaten up. It seems our hero may be cursed. But how can he give the money back when his benefactor, the mysterious "Rich Howard," has disappeared into thin air?


Saik has taken what he calls a “campfire story” and expanded it here. At 51 double-spaced pages this is still a short story, but the characters and locales are vivid and the plot grabs hold quickly. At one point, Jerry meets girlfriend Jessica at a jewelry store and a pushy salesman pressures him to buy her something he can't afford. Saik’s portrayal of the hard-sell, Jerry's resistance to it and his ultimate cave-in create a pressure on the page that readers can feel directly.


Saik's writing is easy and light; while not dense in details, he sketches settings well and captures the easy friendship among coworkers in a few conversational strokes. The story's conclusion comes a bit abruptly; if Saik had foreshadowed some of the information revealed there, the solution to Jerry's dilemma might feel more natural and less tacked-on, but that's a minor quibble. Change of...Luck is like an Ambrose Bierce ramble or O. Henry tale, full of twists and enjoyable throughout.


Highly recommended for fans of Ambrose Bierce, O. Henry.
Also available in hardcover and ebook.